General Assembly Day Six (and a hint of Day Seven)

home stretchWe’re in the home stretch here in St. Louis, MO.  The 223rd General Assembly of the Presbyterian Church (USA) completed the 2nd day of plenary on Thursday.  As has been the practice since the Assembly convened on Saturday, June 16, we prayed and worshiped.  And as has been the practice since the Assembly convened, the commissioners and delegates have listened to, responded to, debated, and voted on the myriad of overtures that have come before the Assembly.


Some of the decisions that the Assembly made yesterday are:

In each instance, I have been moved by the diligence, energy, and commitment these faithful disciples of Jesus have given to the work placed before them.

As a mid-council leader, I am looking for and hoping to see ways in which we as the Presbyterian Church (USA) move into the 21st century, responding to the hurts and injustice experienced by our siblings in Christ.  How will we as part of the body of Christ take what has happened in this Assembly to guide and inform our activity in the world?  Will our faith expressions be enhanced? Will the Gospel of Jesus Christ be proclaimed in the places God has placed us?  Will the decisions that have been made this week, guide us to be more faithful, more generous, more compassionate, more trusting, more committed?

(Even as I write this, the Assembly is debating Fossil Fuel divestment.  You can watch the live stream here)


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